Breaking Bad Gift Guide

22 Reactive Breaking Bad Gifts

The acclaimed series Breaking Bad is the brainchild of Vince Gilligan, the man behind “The X-Files,” but had a bigger appeal due to its more relatable characters. This is a show about the personal hell each of us goes through and the deep changes in the individual due to life as it comes, as portrayed by Heisenberg, who loses the bet with destiny. The series received 16 Primetime Emmy Awards and a dozen more other prizes and stands a staggering 9.5 on IMDB. We have tried to put together a list for the Breaking Bad fan, some fun, some dark, just like the human heart.

$25 and under

Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Cast Signed Poster

Hang this in your dorm to show your love for the cast of Breaking Bad. Until you can spend the money on the real deal, this re-print will yell at you from the wall "No more half- measures."

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad "Stooble" Beaker Coffee Mug

Craft your own potions and drugs in the privacy of your home, just be sure to use only professional standard equipment. Be the mad bar scientist and make a lasting impression on your friends with this beaker coffee mug.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Engraved Breaking Bad Cutting Board

Want to convince your significant other that cooking can be more fun even after a long day? Why not get them this bamboo engraved cutting board. Just don't blame them if you get served something crystal blue. Works good with blue cheese too.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Where's My Money Lanyard with Keychain

Replace the boring corporate printed lanyard with this much more vocal option to give a subtle clue to the boss that the wearer might be entitled to a raise or he will be Braking Bad soon. We all know what low payment gets some people doing.

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Breaking Bad "I Am the One Who Knocks" T-Shirt

It's simple and effective. Comes in a wide range of colors and it's guaranteed to put a smile on the face of every lady who loves the series. Why not get one for your wife or mom, you know that underneath that soft cookie look, they are the ones that knock.

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Did you know?

Breaking Bad's chemistry was checked by a professor from Oklahoma University who is also a fan.

Breaking Bad Characters

$26 - $50

Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Shoulder Messenger Bag

Unisex messenger bag, great for any fan to carry their laptop, school work and, of course, the notes with the formulas they jolted down while watching the series. Resistant to wear and tear, good to take in an RV ride across the dessert.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Plush Pink Teddy Bear

This is a thoughtful gift, as in it makes you think about what it means, both in the series and as a gift. Could be a quirky companion for a twisted adolescent or a girlfriend with a dark sense of humor. Just make sure you get the second eye and put it somewhere safe.

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Breaking Bad Embossed Leather Wallet

A subtle way to show your love for the "Because I say so" man. An elegant man's leather wallet to stuff with (dirty) money. Classy but with a twist, the embossed face reminds you that money makes people do some crazy things.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Glow in Dark Breaking Bad Vinyl Wall Decal

Chemistry rules and you can have a radioactive looking sticker of Heisenberg on your fridge or wherever you think a bit of Breaking Bad flavor would make a statement in your home. The producer guarantees it to last more than the show.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Walter White & Jesse Pinkman Mini Lab

A cool, custom designed scene based on Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the popular Breaking Bad television series. The set features custom printed Walter head, custom made pistol and mini lab made using genuine LEGO parts.

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Did you know?

HBO turned down the offer to air the show, as it didn't see its appeal.

Breaking Bad Characters

$51 - $75

Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Walter White Heisenberg Hat

Give a fan this cap and watch him transform beneath your eyes in Heisenberg. Works best for middle-aged, life-crushed, bald, bearded men who wear glasses. Exceptional quality which can be worn in a day ensemble.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Official Breaking Bad Logo Zip-up Hoodie

This official merchandise is guaranteed to keep you warm while enhancing your coolness factor up to liquid nitrogen. Subtle, yet powerful, resistant to wear and made from soft dark color fabric, it could become your statement for casual afternoons.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Leather Shoes Casual Sneakers

The statement gift for the BB fangirl. Converse inspired leather shoes that are light-weight, comfortable and can become the center piece of an outfit. More designs and colors available to match any creative fashion ideas.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Custom Rear Window Graphic Car Decal

License plates and bumper stickers are too mainstream. If you want to turn your car into Breaking Bad mobile and you haven't decided to buy an RV yet, use this vinyl graphic to show your appreciation for the series. Can be customized to size.

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Did you know?

Drug dealers added blue food dye to their meth to make it look like the one in the show. Pure meth is white.

Breaking Bad Characters


Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [Blu-ray + UltraViolet]

Kind of a no-brainer, but owning the series on Blue-ray or DVD is the first step in calling one a true fan of a series. You can't rely only on internet streaming or Netflix to enjoy your favorite show. This is Breaking Bad 101.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Sterling Silver Yellow Methamphetamine Bee Logo

Massive silver ring with the bee logo. Can be worn to show your appreciation for the Breaking Bad series. The best gift for rock inspired outfits or a very unconventional love token among fans. Not easily adjustable.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Typographic Framed Cork Board Oak

All the best quotes from the show in one place: a corkboard. Hang this in your home or go a tad further and improve your office with this. Most likely to be used near the water cooler or in a out of this world board room.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Giancarlo Esposito Los Pollos Hermanos Autographed Poster

If you have no idea what to decorate your future villain hiding den, or the back office of your shady business, maybe you could put on display this magnificent hand-signed poster reminding of Gus Fring.

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Did you know?

DEA chemists taught Bryan Cranston the exact process for cooking meth to help prepare him for some of his scenes.

Breaking Bad Characters


Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad Exclusive Action Figure Set

It's not a doll, it's an action figure and by looking at the way it is crafted you can almost here it say "Fire in the hole, bitch!". Better keep in in mint condition and don't remove it from the display it comes it, might be worth its weight in meth some day.

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Breaking Bad 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set

Break Bad in bed with this 3 piece set of high quality duvet and pillows. It comes in 3 different sizes to choose from and features Heisenberg's grin. Great bachelor pad decor.

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Official Licensed Breaking Bad Walter White Jumpsuit Costume

Gift with care as this could have side effects like an increased interest in chemistry, toxic substances and cosplay. One size fits all, (42-48) Tyvek costume with accessories to turn a grown man into Walter White's character. Also available in plus sizes. Let's cook!

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Breaking Bad Gift Guide

Aaron Paul Autographed Breaking Bad Script

The ultimate collector's item, this is something that could be called in investment. Although not cheap, it could rise more than stock options if the BB frenzy continues. Also you get the real feeling of what a script feels like.

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Critiques have praised Breaking Bad as one of the best dramas created in the last ten years. The life and struggles of cancer diagnosed Heisenberg are a dramatization of what happens to each of us, maybe on a larger scale. Starring, Aaron Paul, Anna Gun and, of course, Bryan Cranston, the intelligent, puny, and touching plot became a cultural phenomenon. Although targeted at a more mature audience, the show has been well received by teenagers too. This has led to the creation of a wide range of merchandise and collectibles that fans would love to showcase.