My Neighbor Totoro Gift Guide

24 Gifts for My Neighbor Totoro Fans

The Japanese animation “My Neighbor Totoro” released in 1988 has been acknowledged as a cultural icon. The story of the two young sisters and their adventures with the wood spirits has the candor and innocence that define childhood spent at the country-side. The bunny-owl spirit comes to them as a friend and a comfort, while their mother is in hospital and their father is busy working at the university. Totoro’s fans are those who are still children in their hearts, regardless of their real age. For these enthusiasts we have searched the web to find the cutest gifts with a drop of Nippon culture.

$25 and under

Totoro Gift Guide

Fashion Creative Totoro Notebook Diary

Pen and notebook in wooden covers. This is a thoughtful gift for the creative individuals, artists or for those who love to keep a diary, away from the eyes of curious people. Give this to those who need a guardian of their ideas and need to feel protected.

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Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro: A Novel

Usually the movie is made after a novel. In the case of Totoro, the book follows the highly acclaimed anime. Use this novel to read the story to your children, or even find new meanings in it as a grown-up.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Pet Autumn Winter Cartoon My Neighbor Totoro

Turn your pet into a living, breathing Totoro who runs around the house and brings you joy. This anime animal is the closest you can get to having your own nature spirit to make you smile.

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Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro Plush Warm Slipper

Serious cosplay calls for not so serious slippers. While most people are accustomed to bunny slippers, this is a whole new level, these are magic forest spirits at your feet, made from plush.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Totoro Soft Cosmetic Makeup Case Pouch

Can be used as a bag for pens, coins, make-up or any small objects that need organizing. The front features big and small Totoro and the susuwatari creatures on a green background. Nice addition to a school set.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Wood Bowl Totoro Japanese Children Bowl

This traditional Jujube Wood bowl is fit for children, they will love to eat from a Totoro adorned dish. Can also be used as a home decor or desktop organizer for office items. Make this part of your family meals.

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Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro Non-woven Wrist Mouse Pad

This is a cool kit to create your own Totoro mouse pad from pieces. Lots of fun and you can enjoy the product of your work for a long time. You will need to sew it yourself. In the Japanese culture, performing such an action on an object makes it borrow your energy and makes it truly yours.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Totoro Soft Silicone Protective Case For Apple iPhone 6S

Your phone need protection too. Why not cover it in a giant silicone Totoro case to make sure it is safe from bumps and scratches? If you have another type of phone, just browse further until you fit the right one for your device.

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Did you know?

Initially there was just one girl, that Miyazaki divided into the characters of the two daughters.


$26 - $50

Totoro Gift Guide

Anime Cute My Neighbor Totoro Shoulder Messenger

Totoro is the keeper of the forest and this bag will be the keeper of your belongings. Traditional canvas, resistant to wear and printed with small Totoro on top of the big one, under the umbrella. Works best for kids or petite.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Cartoon Anime Totoro Casual Hoody Sweatshirt

This is a unisex hoodie to keep you warm in spring and autumn while hugging you in its Totoro shape. Transform yourself doring cosplay or just proudly wear it outside as a way of saying I am not adult enough to forget about my inner child.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Seamand Anime My Neighbor Totoro Backpack Bag School Bag

This is a classical school-bag, much like the one Satsuki would have had. Most suitable by size for pre-teens and can make a wonderful gift for those who need a bit of motivation to leave the comfort of their own home and head to school.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Unisex Adult Totoro Pajama Halloween Onesie Costume

Onesies are not only for babies. Anybody can become a Totoro with this soft warm pijama. It requires an out of this world sense of humor. Give this to the girl (or the guy) that you want a huge hug from, once they have put it on. Get them a leaf umbrella too.

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Totoro Gift Guide

If Teacup My Neighbor Totoro

Get the list of essential Totoro items listed on this mug. Comes with english name, Hepburn romanization of the Japanese name and kanji writing. Practice your knowledge every morning while sipping on your favorite drink.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Wooden type Music Box

Music boxes are a way to permanently trap beauty. Japanese culture honors music and giving one of these delicate gifts shows respect and appreciation for the receiver, spoiling them with a piece of quality work.

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Did you know?

In Japan, cats are believed to have magical shape-changing powers if they get old enough, thus a catbus makes sense.


$51 - $75

Totoro Gift Guide

Adorable Totoro Cartoon Casual Shoes

Canvas shoes inspired by Converse have become a fashion statement and sporting your favourite character is a way to express yourself and your beliefs. Also works great as an ice-breaker, because people can't resist to praise such an item.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Totoro Children's Plush Chair

Allow your child to feel hugged by this Totoro chair. It is soft, made out of plush and cotton. Stimulate his imagination by asking him to make up a story of his own about where Totoro would take him. Adults will only be sad it does not come in a bigger size.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Pink Totoro Duvet Cover Set Cute Kids Bedding Set

Although there is no pink Totoro in the movie, this nice bed set is a version dedicated to girls. As there have been reported numerous variants of the initial Totoro, even a combination with a minion, we can think of the pink Totoro as a crossover with Hello Kitty.

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Did you know?

There are 3 types of Totoros: gray, blue and white, in the decreasing order of their sizes.


$76 - $100

Totoro Gift Guide

Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Free-size Ring Leaves

Adjust your Chibi-Totoro to the size of your finger and take it everywhere. Pretend that you take the cat-bus and that you join an adventure every morning, when leaving your home. Available in silver or gold hue to match your style.

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Totoro Gift Guide

Totoro Vintage Watch

A watch that caters to Totoro fans in a special way, with this unisex leather strap and the figure of the forest troll on the center. It's simple, classic and can be a nice addition even to a business outfit, to remind you to take things lightly.

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Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro Music Box with Drawer

Not all music boxes come with a ballerina. This cute version displays a Oh-Totoro and is guaranteed to put a smile on any girl's face that is in love with the friendly furry creature of the forest. Can be used for jewelry, secret notes or mementos.

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Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro 16" tall Plush doll

This stuffed toy is most simple Totoro item to give to someone in need of a hug. The model comes with details and is soft and cuddly, great for all children aged over 1 year. This could be the kind of toy that sticks with you from early childhood to college years.

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Did you know?

A Totoro plush makes an appearance in Pixar’s Toy Story 3.



Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro Ghibli Jewelry Pendant

Take this silver chain with 3 Totoro figures to guard you in your adventures. This is a great gift for the girl who is still a child at heart and is delightful by her childish ways. Any fan of the Japanese movie will becharmed.

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Tonari No Totoro Framed Portrait

A beautiful piece to gift to the Totoro fan. The unique print created by Victor Vercesi is handsomely framed as well as signed as an Open Numbered Edition with a certificate of authenticity. The Tonari No Totoro portrait will be a welcomed edition to any home.

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Totoro Gift Guide

My Neighbor Totoro Sleeping Bag Sofa Mattress for Kids

This bed is the tool to raise a new generation of Totoro fans. The huge sleeping bag acts like a bed that hugs you, comforts you and protects you from the outside world. This is like owning your Totoro that takes good care of you.

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Totoro is speaking to his fan’s inner child, that part of us that refuses to grow up, much like the Western World has Peter Pan. Even as grown-ups we need love, comfort, and reassurance. Mei is that part of us that was left behind as we matured. Therefore, any merchandise that will appeal to Totoro fans should have a childish part to it, a comforting feeling or an everlasting feeling of being protected in a fantasy world.