Star Trek Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Trekkies

Star Trek goes all the way back to 1966 when the original television series debuted. Trekkies have allowed it to survive all these years, and now we have Star Trek: Discovery coming to CBS All Access in 2017, as the TV series is revived! With the television and movie success of the Star Trek franchise, we have seen many gift ideas pop up over the years. With that being said, you fellow Trekkie fans will not be disappointed with the list of Star Trek gift ideas we came up with for you. And right now, it is all about celebrating that 50th anniversary!

Star Trek Gifts

Our Favorites

Star Trek Captain Kirk Bookend

Is it bad that the bookend to keep your books in order costs way more than the actual books you are reading? That is that case with this Captain Kirk bookend, but what Trekkie doesn't need this in their life? Live long and prop up books, that is how it goes, right?

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Borg Cube Rug

Want to keep your friends and family safe from the Borg? They will be taking over everywhere, but you can keep them safe by buying them this Borg rug. They will see the cube in their bedroom and just keep moving along. Perfect gift choice and keeps everyone safe!

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Star Trek Fact #121

Leonard Nimoy (Spock) was the only actor to appear in all 80 episodes of the original series, which included the original pilot.

Star Trek Fact #85

Patrick Stewart thought that the show would flop. He was so convinced that he did not unpack his suitcases for the first six weeks!

Star Trek Delta Enamel Necklaces

Your Trekkie has made it through the Starfleet Academy and what better way to celebrate them then by buying them a Star Trek necklace to show off their division? The necklaces come in Science Blue, Engineering Red, or Command Yellow. Let them show it off with pride!

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I still find it amazing that Star Trek has survived 50 years in the industry, but it is still going strong and not stopping anytime soon. These gift ideas are proof that the fans still want some of the original content 50 years later. You might have to pay a little more for replicas of the original television series, but the Star Trek fan in your life will greatly appreciate it. As the motto goes, “live long and prosper” and I think they hit the nail on the head with that one. Star Trek will be living a very long time, so enjoy it with some of these gifts!

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