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The Best Gifts for The Office Fans

We all have that one show that we love and no matter how many times we have watched it, it still feels like the very first time watching it all over again. For many, that show is The Office. This is where Steve Carell got his big break, as he played the perfect role for Michael Scott. The show made you laugh, made you cry, and made you root for love, as the Pam and Jim love story was to die for. People still want anything and everything to do with the show, so with that in mind, we pulled together this The Office gift guide for you to enjoy!

The Office

Our Favorites

The Office Stainless Steel Flask

Well, Michael Scott may not have thought that "doing alcohol" was cool during the drug testing episode, but someone took that concept and ran with it! Prove to Michael that doing alcohol is cool and get your The Office fans a flask with the famous quote on it!

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The Office Dwight Bobble Pin

Dwight Schrute was a hit on The Office, and we all loved his crazy antics throughout the show. We all know he had a bobblehead sitting at his desk of himself, and now your favorite Office fan can get their own but in a smaller version! How about a pin that bobbles? Yes!

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Did you know?

The casting directors wanted to bring John Krasinski in to audition for Dwight, but he turned it down and thought Jim was more suited for himself. He finally got the call to audition for Jim.

The Office T-Shirt Gifts

Did you know?

Steve Carell actually wrote two of the episodes: the Season 2 finale and Season 4's episode “Survivor Man.”

Dunder Mifflin iPad Cases and Skins

It's all about protection with this one, as Dunder Mifflin is giving us a chance to fully protect your iPad. These Dunder Mifflin iPad cases and skins are slim-fitting and a one-piece clip-on case. They are a nice addition to your iPad and are Michael Scott approved.

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The Office ended its run on NBC back in 2013 and yet, here we are still talking about it. There are those shows that will always own a special little place in your heart, and this is one of those shows. We loved the characters and the quotes and the storylines, and while it has been three years since the show ended, we still want it in our lives. Because of that, these gift ideas are perfect for yourself or for that Office fan in your life. They’ll never forget, and you should never forget either. Help spread the love for The Office and start sharing these gifts!

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