Toy Story Gift Guide

25 Excellent Gifts for Toy Story Fans

When we were kids we all thought that our toys could move and talk. Well, our imagination came to life when the Disney Pixar movie Toy Story was released. This heartfelt tale of best friends was not only perfect for us as kids when it came out, but it has become a classic to the children of this generation as well. Since this Disney movie is now such a huge hit, we’ve decided to make a gift guide just for you! You can choose to buy gifts for your loved ones straight from this list and surprise them with their Pixar favorite characters—Woody and Buzz Lightyear! Enjoy!

Toy Story Gift Guide

"You've Got a Friend in Them" - Action Figures and Toys

Recreate iconic scenes and make new memories with these Toy Story action figures and toys, perfect for fans who want to bring their favorite characters to life. From Woody to Buzz Lightyear, these items capture the spirit of friendship and adventure that define the series.

Did you know?

The iconic phrase "To infinity and beyond!" was improvised by Tim Allen, the voice actor of Buzz Lightyear?

Buzz Lightyear

"Home Is Where the Heart (and Toys) Are"

Home Décor and Accessories Transform your living space into a Toy Story haven with these delightful home décor and accessories. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to a bedroom or spruce up your living area, these items will bring the magic of Toy Story right into your home.

Did you know?

The number "95" appears throughout the Toy Story movies as a nod to the year the first film was released, 1995.


"Toying Around with Style" - Apparel and Accessories

Show off your Toy Story pride with stylish and fun apparel and accessories, perfect for fans who want to wear their love for the franchise on their sleeve. From t-shirts to hats, these items celebrate the unforgettable characters and moments of the series.

Did you know?

Toy Story 2 was initially planned as a direct-to-video release but was upgraded to a theatrical release due to its high quality and strong storyline.

Toy Story 2 Logo

"Playtime Never Ends" - Games, Puzzles, and Novelty Items

Keep the fun going with Toy Story-inspired games, puzzles, and novelty items that provide hours of entertainment for fans of all ages. These items offer a unique spin on classic games and activities, ensuring that playtime is always infused with the magic of Toy Story.

Did you know?

The character of Woody was originally written as a ventriloquist dummy but was later changed to a pull-string cowboy doll.


Whether you’ve decided on Woody’s cowboy hat or a Mr. Potato Head, I hope this gift guide helped you find that special gift for an even more special person in your life. Disney Pixar Toy Story has made such an incredible impact on the lives of children that you can’t possibly go wrong in choosing a gift from this movie. Even though these toys may not come to life like we would hope, children can still find a friend in the beloved toys they cherish so dearly. Now it’s time for me to curl up and watch one of the best Pixar movies that have ever been made. Have fun shopping and until next time, “to infinity and beyond!”

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