World of Warcraft Gift Guide

20 Mystical World of Warcraft Gifts

World of Warcraft is one the biggest Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Its success is attributed to the vastness and diversity of its world. Plus, having an in-depth story line and nostalgic music, it is truly one of the greatest game to experience. Knowing how awesome it is to be part of something this big, we have carefully scanned the internet and found some truly amazing top-of-the-line gifts for the WOW fan in your life. And while you may not be able to raid The Lich King, feel free to raid our list and get the best WOW gifts you can.

$25 and under

World of Warcraft Gifts

World of Warcraft: The Official Cook Book

Are you ready for a meal fit for a Warchief? We hope so. Because with the possession of this mighty cookbook, you’ll be able to brew and toss up a meal that both the Horde and the Alliance will like! And with listings for vegetarians and gluten-free recipes, everyone can now enjoy the feasts of Azeroth.

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World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Hearthstone Stress Ball

If there’s one thing every World of Warcraft player has felt, it’s the urge to smash whatever’s in front of you. Well, how about this ancient Hearthstone stress ball? While it won’t magically improve your WoW skills, legend says it will absorb all your anger and stress, saving you from smashing your $1000 screen.

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World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Word 11x17 Art Print

It is time to declare support for your faction! Let the whole world know of your support to the Alliance or the Horde with a beautiful handmade sigil of your favorite faction. And the best part is that the insignia is entirely made out of words that may bring forth feelings of sweet, sweet nostalgia!

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World of Warcraft Gift

Warcraft Men's Sword Logo T-Shirt

We present you World of Warcraft’s official tee shirt. With official branding, this 100% cotton shirt helps you be part of the exclusive cult of World of Warcraft. Now you don’t have to suppress the urge to declare yourself as loyal WoW fan anymore. This shirt will automatically do it for you!

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World of Warcraft Gift

WOW Oversized Deathwing Figure

Who would want to tame mighty Deathwing the Destroyer, who once vowed to bring an end to all life on Azeroth? Well, who wouldn’t. Collect your very own Deathwing and tame him for all eternity at your home or office desk with this unnecessarily huge Deathwing vinyl figure. A must have for fans of WoW!

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Warcraft (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Would life of any World of Warcraft fan be complete without watching (or rewatching) the live-action film of our beloved epic MMORPG? In addition to being dual-sided, this steelbook has tons of additional never before seen content such as deleted/extended scenes, gag reel, origin story etc. to keep you entertained for days.

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Did you know?

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker used to play World of Warcraft together!

World of Warcraft Character

$26 - $50

World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

Set 40 years before the dark portal opened and prior to the Horde and the Alliance, this excellent hardcover is a must have for fans who would like to explore the lore of World of Warcraft in detail. In addition to the excellent read, the book also features 25 pages worth of high quality illustrations.

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World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Hand Crafted Hearthstone Lamp

Sleep at night under the glow of the ancient hearthstone. Inspired by the popular card game, this lamp is a hand-carved stone with the blue substance made of luminescent paint. In short, this ancient artifact never fades and no two are created the same!

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World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Limited Edition "Kel'Thuzad" Silkscreen

Hand-lettered, authentic and only 250 pieces available, this stunning piece of art is only destined for a lucky few. Appropriately titled ‘Kel-Thuzad’, every World of Warcraft fan worth his money knows of the epic destruction caused by this agent of the Lich King. We don’t say this often but hurry up while stock lasts!

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World of Warcraft Gift

Durotan Statue Phone Charging Dock

What better way to charge your phone then at the helm of Duraton charging at his foes in the face of war! Puns aside, this life-like figurine is made with high quality trusted electronic materials capable of charging both your iOS and Android devices. So, no need to choose a side. Durotan will charge them all!

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World of Warcraft Gift

SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary MMO Gaming Mouse

Whether you’re dedicated raider or a rookie, this mouse, with its flexible customization is especially designed to enhance your World of Warcraft gameplay. Co-designed with Blizzard and tested by die-hard WoW fans, players who wield this mighty mouse are sure to destroy the sorry souls who dare come in its path.

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Did you know?

As of now, World of Warcraft’s in-game storyline is the largest story with over 6 million words. That’s equal to 12 Lord of the Rings copies!"

World of Warcraft Character

$51 - $75

World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Monk Premium Zip-Up Hoodie

Bring balance to your inner warmth with this one-of-a-kind World of Warcraft monk zip up hoodie. Inspired by the asthetics of Pandaria, this cozy sacred attire is sure to keep you warm and comfortable, no matter how harsh the wind blows in your journey.

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World of Warcraft Gift

Alliance Handmade Wallet

Put your preciously gathered mana… I mean, money in this handcrafted genuine leather wallet. With a prominent symbol of your faction and multiple compartments for your credit cards, this wallet is a perfect companion for any enthusiastic World of Warcraft fan.

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World of Warcraft Gift

Warcraft Alliance Power Bank

This Warcraft Alliance Power Bank has a handsome dimensional icon that lights up. Not to mention that it stores almost 7000 mAh and has 2 USB 2.0 output ports to provide power to pretty much anything you have a cable for. The outputs are both 5V/2A for faster charging so, you can get back to playing WOW or whatever else you were doing.

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World of Warcraft Gift

Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset

One of the top reasons why World of Warcraft is so beloved by millions of gamers is because of its epic soundtrack. To immerse yourself further in the world of Azeroth, get this top-notch wireless headset especially created for World of Warcraft players. And for the cherry on top, you can also customize the side lenses with your faction’s sigil!

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Did you know?

Some players have become so addicted to World of Warcraft that they kept playing until they died! Excess of everything is bad, boys.

World of Warcraft Character

$76 - $100

World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Robe

Officially-licensed World of Warcraft cotton bathrobes that mimic in-game designs. Get into the armor set for your character in WoW by choosing either the Avatar Regalia (Tier 5 - Priest) or Judgement Armor (Tier 2 - Paladin). Lounge around while playing WoW in one of these robes while your character can be dressed in the same set!

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World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Frostmourne Sword Pendant with Chain

The handmade sterling silver Frostmourne Sword is a memorable way to give a gift to show your affection to a significant other and WOW. The Frostmourne Sword is an iconic runeblade from World of Warcraft that Ner'zhul, the Lich King, thrust from the Frozen Throne.

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World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Horde Banner

Show allegiance to the Horde faction from World of Warcraft by proudly displaying this high quality fabric banner with intricate stitching. The WOW banner is available two versions: regular and a ripped and burned version.

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Did you know?

A team of 150 coders at Blizzard wrote 5.5 million lines of code to make the World of Warcraft a reality.


World of Warcraft Gift

World of Warcraft Malefic Robe

Now you’ll look for excuses to go in the shower so you can come out wearing these awesome World of Warcraft robes! Modeled after the aesthetics of the Malefic Tier 3 armor in World of Warcraft, when you equip this robe, you’ll surely feel ready to conquer the world, whether Azeroth or the Earth!

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World of Warcraft Gift

Heroes of The Storm Inspired Brightwing Fairie Dress

If you are a World of Warcraft gamer in a relationship or a rare female World of Warcraft gamer, this is the perfect gift for you. Expertly handstitched with love and designed with meticulous attention to detail, this high-quality dress is an overall perfect outfit for parties, gettogether events and cosplays.

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The World of Warcraft is truly one of the most diverse game worlds and a standard setter for all roleplaying games. The possibilities and the storylines are endless, with each new expansion adding something new to the beloved franchise. With players in more than 200+ countries, it is literally home to almost everyone. So get something from this guide to add a little bit more of World of Warcraft in your life. Because with WoW, nothing can ever be enough!